552 Arty. Gr.
59th Ord.

The Purpose Of This Site:
8th Missile Det.  (FAD) Darp/Havelte, NL   US Army  1960-1992
The threat of world-wide Communism
The American Hotel
The rocket site
The signal tower
The wonderful people of Holland
The beautiful towns of Steenwijk and Meppel
The music at Don Quixote
The sailing at Giethoorn
The Saturday market
The Saint Bernard named "Boozer"
The mess hall and orderly room
The CQ booth
The three-tons and bivouac
The combi rides in a sleeping bag
The ball games in the street
The caddy wagon
The spit and polish and endless inspections
The thrill of being "short!"

This was life at the 8th!
. To recapture memories of the past
. To maintain contact in the present
. To enjoy friendship in the future
. To honor the nations we served+

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If you were there some other time, let
me know. I am building a data base of all
8th and 23rd vets and may know where
some of your old buddies are.

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