23rd. Missile Det. (FAD) 't Harde
23rd Missile Det.
Bob Taylor and
Joe Caligiuri
Out front
The site
Out front
Rest Stop on Way
to Germany
Dutch Motor Pool
Ricky Wood,
? Thompson
Taylor, Dutch Motor Sgt.,
Paul Sharon
"Snoopy" in Front
of Detachment
Skidmore, Spurlock,
?, Mundy, Maron
?, ?, Skidmore,
Going to the Field
?, Mundy, Finch,
Dutch Motor Pool
Charlie Brooks
The Closing Of A Memory 2002

A special tribute to our sister unit -
the 23rd Missile Det. (FAD)
at 't Harde
There were two U.S. missile detachments in the Netherlands: the 8th was at Darp/Havelta, just outside
of Steenwijk; and the 23rd, at 't Harde, about thirty-five miles south, or a one-hour drive, depending on
how deep the snow was and how bad the roads were iced over! Though this was our "sister unit," and
relatively close, we had little occasion to visit each other. Due to the "need to know" rules we were all
under, we neither asked questions nor expected any to be answered. Therefore, we knew little about
each other. I had three or four occasions to visit the 23rd, and it looked about the size and strength of
the 8th.

Over the few years we have had this web site up, I have gotten a few emails from people who were at
the 23rd and had found our site. Since there doesn't seem to be a site out there for the 23rd, we
created this page in hopes that some of those who were stationed there will send us some information
and pictures to post and, thereby, we can honor them as well.

Also, I have received emails from a few former Dutch soldiers who served at one of these sites. Some
of their contributions added to our pictures, while others made corrections in facts. All are greatly

If you have facts or pictures that will make this site more correct or informative, please let us hear from
you. My name and web address are at the bottom of the home page. If you can contribute to this site in
any way, please let me know.
The following was submitted by Joseph Ruiz, a member of the 128th Signal
Company at 't Harde from 1976 - 1978

The 128th Signal Company's tributary located in ‘t Harde, NL at Graff Reinoldweg 8, supported
the 23rd Field Artillery Detachment Special Ammunition Storage Custodial Unit of W33 warheads
for Tonnet’s Kazerne battalion of M110 8in. self-propelled Howitzers.
The site had two buildings and a microwave dish tower; one building housed the communication
equipment, office and restroom, and a M16/1A behind glass; the second building housed 2 huge
30KW back up generators, underground were 2 diesel fuel tanks with a total capacity of 1,600gals.
There were 2 vehicles onsite; a Chevy pickup for transportation, an International hard shell 4 door
4X4 truck with trailer hitch, and 2 generators on a canvas covered trailer used for field exercises.
Also, the site had nicely manicured lawns, rose beds, brick driveways outside and inside the

The microwave communication troposcatter system was frequency diverse, polarized selective
vertical and horizontal ITT AN/FRC-113 consisting of 2 transmitters, 2 receivers, 2 1KA power
amplifiers each using a 2Ghz Klystron tube, and a GE TCS-600 (600 channel) multiplexer.
Broadcast and reception was via waveguide up a 152ft. tower and out 2 15ft. parabolic dishes. The
Tributary Logic Console and teletype were located offsite at the FA Det admin 500ft. away. The
Line of Site terminal was 180mi. southwest of Bremerhaven, GER.

The high frequency communication transceiver console consisted of 3 Collins KWM2A AN/FRC-
93 LSB/USB/CW 100W radios and 1 land line crank phone to the administration building. The
station call sign was Cemetery 30 under the Cemetery 4 Network Control Site.

The field exercise vehicle’s bed was equipped with an AN/MRC-117 and an AN/FRC-93
transceiver console mounted in the rear seating area.

The sites manpower at rank upon my arrival in April 1976 was:
SFC Marukka, NCOIC aka Site Commander, DEROS 1976
SP5 Fleming Outerbridge, ETS 1976
SP5 Tipping, ETS 1976
*PFC Tony Smith aka Smity
Pvt. Joseph Ruiz, ETS 1978

Manpower arrivals at rank after April 1976 were:
SP5 Lastimado, PCS to Germany 1977
*Pvt. Barry Neal
SP4 Donald Stedge, ETS 1977
SP4 Stephen Purvis aka "Frenchie" PCS to Germany
SP5 Don Kortas, 2nd Site Commander, ETS 1976
SP5 Millard “Ken” Ellis, 3rd Site Commander, DEROS 1977
*SSG Lewis “Lew” Neddo, 4th Site Commander
*SP4 Roosevelt Edwards
*Pvt. Roy Cavanaugh
( * ) Unknown ETS, DEROS or PCS

Additional information:
The 128th's Signal Company Headquarters was located in Schinnen, NL 150mi. south of ‘t Harde,
and in1977 the company was relocated to Brunssum, NL 5mi. to the east.

A partial list of the company’s staff was:
CPT Kowolowski
SGT Van (unable to recall First and Last Full Name)
Civilian Admin. Assist. Corrie (unable to recall Last Name)
Glimpses From Our Past
Skidmore, Spurlock, Mayers,
"Truck", Sharon, Larry Johnson,
Swan, Thompson, Rios,
Dave Francis
Lt. Skidmore & wife
Lew Neddo, Paul Sharon,
Roosevelt Edwards,
Larry Johnson, Bob Brewer
The following pictures of the closed 23rd were submitted by
Joe Caligiuri in August, 2009.
The following was submitted by Charlie Brooks, a member of the 23rd.
from Feb. 1963 - Mar. 1965.
In November, 2009, the following was taken from information submitted by
John Hesterly, Lt. Col. (Ret), former CO of the 23rd.
"Below is a list of names of the folks I remember who I was stationed with sometime between Feb
'63 and Mar '65.  I've included the home state of some of them.  Hopefully the names and
spelling are correct."

SSgt Gibbs
SSgt Ogletree (Georgia I believe)
Sgt Fernandez (TX)
MSgt Moon
SFC Gaston Moore
SP4 Joseph Gable (PA)
SP4 Joseph Bifolchi (OH)
SP4 Joseph Mastrosimone (MA?)
SP4 Donald Hoeinghaus (TX)
SP4 Royce Rektorik (TX)
SP4 Robert Whitehead (TN - Deceased)
SP4 Daniel Pendley (KY)
SP4 Taylor (TX)
SP4 Morgan (PA)
SSgt Padilla (TX I think)
SP4 Cecil Monk (WVA)
SP4 Johnson (AR or MO)
PFC Thaddeus Jenseleski
Capt John Hesterly
Capt Rose (OK)
Capt Wayne Warren (MA)
Lt. Col. John Hesterly (U.S. Army, Ret.) was born on September 9, 1929 in Prescott, Arkansas
where he also graduated high school in 1947. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in
Mathematics in 1951 from Henderson State Teachers College; graduating 10th in his class. He
was designated as a Distinguished Military Graduate in ROTC and received a Regular Army
commission as a second lieutenant in Field Artillery.

John met his future wife, Barbara Mazzia while they were Reddies at Henderson. They will soon
celebrate 56 years of marriage.

He gained a deep appreciation of the sacrifices of World War II veterans and their families during
his high school days when he delivered Western Union telegrams on a bicycle informing families
of the worst news of their lives. These experiences had a profound impact on a young Hesterly
and inspired him to enter the Army in July 1951.

John spent the first years of his military career serving in an artillery battalion and commanding
artillery batteries. After graduating in the top ten percent of his Artillery Officer Advanced Course
he was selected to attend graduate school to prepare for an academic teaching assignment. He
graduated from the University of Illinois with a Master of Science Degree in Theoretical and
Applied Mechanics. In June, 1958 he reported to the Department of Mechanics, United States
Military Academy, West Point, New York where he became the first non-academy graduate to
teach in that department. As Assistant Professor for Strength of Materials Laboratory, he
introduced the study of fatigue failures for the first time at West Point.

In 1961 Hesterly commanded the only US Army unit in the Netherlands, providing nuclear
support for the first Netherlands Corps and NATO. Upon returning to the US he reported to the
Army Artillery Board where he began research, development, and testing new artillery weapons,
ammunition, night vision devices and electronic sensors for Vietnam. In 1967 he was assigned to
the US Army Concept Team in Vietnam, followed by an assignment to the US Army Test and
Evaluation Command at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. With a desire to return to
teaching as a second career, Hesterly retired from the Army as a lieutenant colonel in June 1973.

John taught upper level math courses at Aberdeen High School, becoming the department head
in 1983. He retired from his teaching career in 1990, having taught students who went on to
become medical doctors, lawyers, engineers, nurses, and two who became major league
baseball players, Cal and Bill Ripken, NFL tackle Irving Pankey, and NBA forward Tommy
Davis. Twelve of his students graduated from West Point, the Naval Academy, the Air Force
Academy and the Coast Guard Academy.

Hesterly has received numerous awards and decorations including the US Army Bronze Star,
US Army Meritorious Service Medal, US Army Commendation with two oak leaf clusters, the US
Army of Occupation Medal (Japan), the US Army National Defense Medal, the US Army Korean
Service Medal with a battle star, the US Army Vietnam Service Medal with three battle stars, the
United Nations Medal, the Republic of Vietnam Presidential Medal, Korean War Service Medal,
the US Presidential Unit Citation, the Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation, ROTC
Distinguished Military Graduate, Harford County, Maryland, Most Beautiful People Award, AARP
Service Award for Senior Citizen Tax Preparation, St. Patrick Church Crystal Bowl as
Outstanding Volunteer, and was selected as A Friend of West Point in recognition of
demonstrated patriotism and support of the Armed Forces and regard for West Point.

John enjoys retirement by spending time with Babs and visiting friends. He also delivers Meals
on Wheels (16 years), prepares tax returns for senior citizens, serves meals to homeless and
needy people at Grace Place, tutors students, serves as a lector, Eucharistic minister, and is the
supervisor of money counters at St. Patrick Church.
Having been asked many times what he attributes his success to, John's answer is Henderson.
Henderson was the foundation of my education, and my success at Henderson definitely led to
my opportunity to attend graduate school and to teach at West Point.

Hesterly helped to achieve the acceptance of 22 veterans into the World War II Memorial in
Washington, DC. He initiated the General James H. Merryman Endowed Scholarship (HSU) and
has recently established the Mazzia-Hesterly-Dunn Scholarship at Henderson State University
which was awarded in the 2007-2008 academic year.

Our most sincere respect and gratitude go to "one of our own,"  Lt. Col. John Hestely,
(U.S. Army, Ret.)

Edward A. Starks
The following notes and pictures were submitted by Dale Huguelet
on January 19, 2010.

Left click on any picture to enlarge it, then right click to copy it.
"I was one of the original members of the 23rd detachment from the time it was formed at Ft. Sill,
OK. I was with them from January, 1960 through June, 1961.

We trained at Fr. Sill till May, 1960, then reported to the Brooklyn Army Terminal at ship side and
boarded the USNS patch late in May of that year. We arrived in Bremerhaven, Germany early in
June, and after one night there, boarded the train for Holland.

I ended up spending only one year and for days at the 23rd in Holland. I came back tot he States
on the USNS patch also.

The 23rd consisted of quite a number of draftees and draft volunteers from Michigan, Illinois, and
Wisconsin. When we had our time in, seventeen of us left in a matter of three or four days.

Duty was good while Holland, except for a lot of guard duty. Looking back on it, that probably
wasn't as bad as it seemed then. We ha d a lot of good times too.

In November of 2008, I started searching to see how many of the original personnel of the 23rd I
could locate. After I located a few, it was suggested that maybe we should have a reunion. With
the help of others, we located twenty-seven of the original fifty. Three have since passed on. We
also verified ten who are deceased. The other thirteen could not be located or verified if they were
still living. It has been fun looking anyway.

We had a reunion here at our lace in DeWitt, Michigan on July 18, 2009. Of the twenty-seven we
located, fourteen made it along with their wives, one son, and one grandson. It was a great time
seeing everyone, hot having seen most of them in forty-eight years.

I hope this and the pictures add a small amount to the history of the 23rd Missile Detachment. If
anyone would like to contact me, I would be glad to correspond with them. Also, if anyone has any
information on anyone we have not been able to locate, who is in the original picture of the 23rd,
please let me know. I have an email address, but have never used it and really don't know how."

Dale Huguelet
2901 W. Pratt Rd.
DeWitt, MI 48820
Home Phone - (517) 669-9866
Cell Phone - (517) 282-3646
Email - dalehuguelet@verizon.net
Original members of the 23rd Missile Detachment, Ft. Sill, OK
1960, before deploying to Holland.
Front row, left to right:
Patrick McCain, Ronald Stachewicz (deceased), John Gormley, Darrell Perry, Jerry Vance, Gerald
King, Leonard Buszka

Second row:
Duane Kennedy, Unknow, Gerald Levesque (deceased), James Moon, W.J. Spradley Jr., Sherman
Washburn, Francis O'Hara Jr. , Thomas Edwards, Eugene Arnold, John Fisher

Third row:
Gaston Moore, Michael Batt (deceased), Thomas Kelly, Gilbert Smotherman (deceased), William
Eads, Joseph Thompson, Unknown, Marvin Mueller, Harold Stevens Sr., James Moses, Bobby Cullum
(deceased), William Cyphers (didn't go over with the detachment)

Fourth row:
Dennis Conway, Jimmie Ware (deceased), David Rayl, Loren Bryhn, Edwin George (deceased),
Ronald Smith, James Prescott (deceased), Alvis Lauderdale, Gene Hill, Dale Huguelet

Fifth row:
William Schultz, William Teegerstrom, Bennie Smith, Charles Smith Jr., Walter Pertiet (deceased),
Bobby Waits, James Gibbs, Robert Henderson, John Schumacher, Mark Chaffee (deceased).
Several of the wives
Left to right:
Leonard Buszka,
Gaston Moore, Ron
Smith, Frank O'Hara,
Dale Huguelet
Lt. Edwards, Lt. O'Hara,
Cpt. Washburn,
Lt. Spradley
Dutch kids playing
Front row left to right:
Dale Huguelet, Loren Bryhn, Thomas Edwards, Ronald Smith, Alvis Lauderdale

Back row left to right:
Thomas Kelly, Gaston Moore, Leonard Buszka, Charles Smith Jr., Robert Henderson,
Walter Pertiet (died 8-3-09), Patrick McClain, Francis O'Hara, Claude Hudson
First birthday party
Activation Notice
Other shots from the reunion
Bob Henderson, Jerry
Vance, Gene Hill
"American Hotel"
The 23rd's 50th Birthday Party - 2010
Tom Kelly, Chuck
Smith, Bob Henderson,
Loren Bryhn
Front - Tom Edwards
Ron Smith
with Dutch flag
Ron Smith, Gaston
Moore, Frank O'Hara
The following pics were submitted by Joseph Ruiz in May, 2010
Tonnet Kazerne's
Parade Grounds
Generator Room &
128th Radio Room
The following pics were submitted in May, 2010 by Gary Brandeberry,
who took them in 1971.
July 4, 1971
Gary Brandeberry,
Greg Lynn
Rick Kleine
Police call
Greg Lynn,
?, ?
Returning "home"
from guard duty
't Harde train station
Main gate at the
Dutch Army post
Dear Ed,

  Last Monday, Babs and I had a wonderful visit with Major General Jimmie Owens Keenan.  She has two
commands, as the Chief of the Army Nurse Corps, and as the Commander of the US Army Public Health
Service.  Because of the levels of her commands, she was promoted from colonel to major general
(skipping the rank of brigadier general).  After meeting with her, we understand why.  It was a delightful

  She was born and grew up in Murfreesboro, Arkansas, and attended school there.  She graduated from
Henderson State University in Arkansas in 1986 with a nursing degree.  Later she achieved a master's
degree in nursing from the Medical College of Georgia and a master's degree in strategic studies from
the Army War College.  She is a paratrooper and a wonderful leader.  Her husband is a graduate of West
Point and they have two children, a son and daughter.  The family will be joined together again here soon
as her husband is being assigned to Aberdeen Proving Ground.
In May, 2012, the following was taken from information submitted by
John Hesterly, Lt. Col. (Ret), former CO of the 23rd.