434 IBC  Mobiel Regiment van Heutsz

Honoring Those With Whom We Served
The Regiment Van Heutsz is a distinguished line infantry regiment of the Royal Netherlands Army.
The 434th Infantry company is an integral part of that honored regiment. The regiment was named
after J.B. van Heutsz, a former Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies. It currently operates in the
air mobile role as part of the 12th Infantry Brigade. The regiment is the bearer of the traditions of the
Koninklijk Nederlands Indisch Leger. As of 2006, the battalion forms the basis of the battle group
attached to Task Force Uruzgan, the primary Dutch component of the multi-national forces in

Serving alongside soldiers from other nations involved in the UN mission in Korea, the regiment
van Heutsz was part of the 2nd US Infantry Division, and wore their insignia - the Indian head. In honor
of those who gave their all during that conflict, the van Heutsz regiment continues to wear their version
of the  insignia.

"All gave some. Some gave all."
2nd US Army Div.
In Memoriam Gerri Eeuwes
Other Dutch Soldiers (Contributed By Henkie Reinstraa)
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434 IBC
Some shots from their past
van Heutsz Patch
van Heutsz Beret Insignia
van Heutsz Beret
30 Year Reunion - April, 2009
(Contributed By Henkie Reinstraa)
André Weitjes
Jan Weij
Roel Petitjean
Herbert Huster
Henkie Reinstra
Gerrit Boers
Eelke de vries