Our Present
These are the "good old days!"
Michael Coe
Kevin, Brodey, Emily,
& Amanda Skogen
Bob & Martha Swanson
Rom & Judy Herron
John & Deborah Cecka
Bob & Jean Ondovik with
new grandson, Andrew
Larry & Vera Meier
Gary & Sharon Welch
Don & Darlene Wilhoit
with daughter, Tiffany
Michael & Shirley Buchach
Steve & Heather Werline
Marc & Marcia Williamson
Alan & Beryl Garellick
Skogen & Starks in Wyoming, July, 2010 with Femmie's brother and sister-in-law from Holland on vacation.
Dean & Donna Skogen
Michael Luhm & Grandson
Steve & Peggy Goetz
Sarah, Gary, Sharon,
& Scott Welch
Scott, Gary, & Sarah
Welch (Scott was born
in Holland)
Gary Welch rolling up 60
Ashley Starks & fiancé
 Brandon O'Brain
Andy & Femmie Starks
Bryan & Peggy Goetz
with Jarad & Peter
Bryan & Peggy Goetz
Peter & Anna Burroughs
Ben & Jill Starks,
Cassidy & Alaina
Giving the bride away
Stuart & Waverly
Kristen & Madeline
Eddie & Teresa
Starks, Laura,
Leah, Lance
Marc & Marcia
with sons Steve & Tom,
their wives & children
Deborah, Sarah,
Melissa, Lucas, Ryan,
& John Cecka
John & Deborah Cecka
with daughter, Melissa &
son-in-law, ?
Pam, Cameron, and Todd
Wilhoit with Trenton Roberts
Trenton Roberts (Wilhoit)
Travis & Tiffany Roberts
Todd Wilhoit
Williamson with
Jerry Bevereno
at work
Alan & Beryl Garellick
"Now this is what I call retirement!"
Swanson's family &
friends. Martha on
front in blue, with her
sister, Rita in white
Jerry Beverino
Hard at work?
Marc & Marcia Williamson
"Ah! Just breath that
fresh air!"
Steve & Peggy Goetz
"You want me to climb what?"
Larry, Kirsten, Daniel,
& Vera Meier
Donna & Dean Skogen
"Where'd that little
white ball go?"
Andy Starks
"Pastoring a cowboy
church is a little
Doug, Ella, & Cassie
Roberts (Herron)
Alan Garellick with
daughters Dawn & Stacy
Stephanie Skogen
& Gary Baker
Larry Keller
Kevin, Brodey, Emily,
& Amanda Skogen
In the summer of 2007, Andy & Femmie Starks were in Tennessee and went by to see Don & Darlene Wilhoit.
Their daughter, Tiffany is in Japan now with her husband who is in the Air Force.
He was our First Sergeant
Ron Turner
Wayne Gueltzow ('79-'81) in Holland on vacation June, 2011.
Don Wilhoit's grandchildren (November, 2012)