"The Site"
Like it was yesterday!
The site in 1999 after closing in 1992
The site in 2007, now a national monument
In front of the "Hotel"
where the flag poles were
Looking back up the road
About where the bar
crossed the road
On down to the site
In front of the signal site
Down the road toward
the site
Toward the igloos
About where our guard
house stood
The signal site
The Dutch left this tower
as a monument to all
those who served here
My broher-in-law in
front of where the
"Hotel" stood
In 1972 Honest John was replaced by Lance Missiles.
The following pictures were in one of three articles published in a
Dutch magazine by Frank Oosterboer. He graciously shared them with
us in October of 2012. They are from the 23rd at
't Harde, both then
and now. As you can see, much of the site at t' Harde is still intact.
Some pictures are from the Honest John era, some are Lance.
(Click on a picture to enlarge it)