Special Request
Like it was yesterday!
Holland, one of God's great blessings to this country boy!
Holland is best known for its windmills and wooden shoes
In Holland, marriage is a legal thing done in a courthouse. So, we got married at the courthouse, then at the church.
Holland is also known for its thatch roofs
Some have asked for pictures of the Starks wedding in Steenwijk.
Here they are as Steve Goetz shot them Nov. 6, 1970.
Thanks again, Steve.
I got out of the Army on Christmas Eve, 1970. We lived with Femmie's family in Steenwijk till January, 1971.
We then came to the States to live happily ever after!
Since I am in the mood, here are a few shots from earlier that year
And here are a few shots from WAY before
And one from 2009
Femmie's parents 1938 & 1986
Femmie's mother's parents 1910 & 1955
Golden Angel on the right
Woldstraat - a
side street
The city square
The Oosterstraat - the
main shopping street