Steenwijk 2008 & 2012
Here we are four decades later
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Skogen's House at 126 Meppelerweg, Steenwijk
Going out of Steenwijk
on the Meppelerweg
toward Darp
Going down the
Oosterstraat toward
the city square
The old bike and
bromfiets area is gone.
And back to the Honey
Pot. The phone booth
is still there
City Theater
Side street to the
City Theater
Where the Diep ends now
The Golden Angel was
torn down in 2009
The Golden Angel
A few other angles you'll probably remember
Most of it looks about
the same
The Corner Bar is now
the Honey Pot
Dutch cheese is still
the best
Salted herring with
Now in stead of open piles of salted herring and smoked eels, they are in coolers
Saturday market is much the same,
just more modernized
Most is much the same, except for the cars everwhere
Everything's still as good as you remember it
The new owner and I
talk every time we
come back.
The old bike and
bromfiets area is gone.
From the front door on the main street.
The old pub to the left
of the Golden Angel. It
used to sit on the water
Across the circle to the
Golden Angel
A few more shots around town
c. 1930 the "Diep" was
filled in to make a
parking lot
Toward the left at the
traffic circle
Toward the traffic
circle and the
Golden Angel
Don Quixote is totally
gone. The whole
building was torn
down and rebuilt
Old city water pump.
Don Quixote was to
the right
The potat, krokets, and
frikandels are as good as
ever, with mayonaise,
of course
You can now get a
"large" coke, but still
no ice or free refills
It's all very open now
The old fireplace is still
there, but not used
They've remodeled
a few times
Typical duplex these days
Steenwijk 2012
Not much has seriously changed since the pictures above in 2008
The city mote
The square never changes.
The church we were
married in.
The main shopping street is much the same.
Don Quixote was around
the corner to the right.
Some things never change.
Restaurants haven't changed much, except in name.
The Corner Bar has been the Honey Pot for many years with a different owner.
Grocery stores have changed over the years, but the shops have not changed much.
The Golden Angel is no more
Femmie, my wife
Henk Huisman,
my brother-in-law