"As You Were!"
What we were all about
Coe, Starks, Williamson, Swanson,
DeGroot, Skogen, Wakefield
Wakefield, Skogen, DeGroot,
Swanson, Williamson, Starks, Coe,
Wakefield, Thrasher,
DeGroot, Skogen, Luhm,
Swanson, Starks, Williamson
Luhm, Swanson, Thrasher, DeGroot,
Wakefield, Skogen, Coe, Williamson
Swanson, Luhm, Skogen, Williamson
Coe, Wakefield, Skogen, Swanson,
Williamson, Luhm, Thrasher, DeGroot
Wakefield, Thrasher,DeGroot, Skogen,
Luhm, Starks, Willamson
Ardean Skogen, Bob Swanson
Thrasher, Luhm, DeGroot
Wakefield, Swanson, Skogen, Luhm,
Thrasher, Williamson
Williamson, Swanson, Skogen,
Thrasher, Luhm, DeGroot,
Wakefield, Coe
Emmanuel Guillory, Michael Luhm, Andy Starks
Leonard DeGroot,
Ron "Tex" Herron
Larry Meier,
Ernie Freeman,
Dean Skogen
Emmanuel Guillory,
Michael "Milt" Luhm
Bob Swanson on the mail run
Dutch Guards
Lawrence Keller
Luhm, Jerry Beverano,
Mel Sumwalt,
Dutch Driver
Marc Williamson
Donna & Stephanie
Skogan, Al Garellick
& Wife
Michael "Milt" Luhm
Steve & Peggy Goetz
John Knowles,
Femmie Freeman
Tom & Carol Grimm
Lennie DeGroot
Tandy Glaze,
Swanson, Skogen,
Loren Brittain,
Bill Wakefield
Allen Golley
Alan Garilleck, John
Sager, Starks
Andy Starks
Football in the street
Skogen, Wakefield
Michael & Karen Coe, Chaplain Dick, Skogen
First Sgt. Office
Joel Brigman, Mike
Minnie, Mell Sumwalt
Paul Jackson
Murphy, Clay Correia,
Wakefield, Sumwalt,
Swanson, Skogen,
Thrasher, Garilleck,
Wakefield, Coe
at site
Wives at Mepel
Sandy & Gary West,
Bill Baum,
Sumwalt,  Minnie
Bill & Janet Wakefield
Ron "Tex" Herron
Bobby Hinton, Luhm, DeGroot
Lennie DeGroot
Steve & Peggy Goetz,
Tandy & Sandy Glaze
Thrasher, Brigman,
Luhm, Williamson
Skogen and Carr
Some sights around Zwolle
John Knowles
Starks, DeGroot
In Camo
Joel Brigman
Thrasher, Swanson,
Stephanie Skogen
DeGroot & His
Dutch Great Uncle
Starks, Luhm
Glaze, Beverino
SFC Ron Turner
Clyde "Kokomo"
DeGroot, Michael
Joe Gillian
Richard Carole
Paul Jackson
Bob Schultz, ?Booth,
Bobby Hinton
Vollieball Court
Just out of Steenwijk
Larry Keller & Son
Brigman, Starks,
Vercota, Minnie,
Goetz, Jim Dorman,
Mike Galvin,
Joe Gilliland,
DeGroot, Luhm
Ross Johnson,
Guillory, Sager
Mike Minnie
Eldridge Thrasher,
Sumwalt, Swanson
Sager, Starks,
Everybody's buddy
1969- 1975?
Andy Starks
Bill & Janet Wakefield,
Karen Coe
Don Wilhoit
Tom Grimm
Larry Meier
Out front
Across the road
Lt. Lonnie Dolce was XO in 1968 and early 1969.
Lonnie died of brain cancer in April of 2006.
Bobby Hinton,
? Booth
Luhm rescuing Herron
Fugimoto's kids
Andy Starks (Cpt. Parramore didn't think it was funny)
Gary Welch
Meier, Freeman, Skogen
Freeman, Skogen
Hinton, Garilleck, Booth
DeGroot, Bob Schultz
Gary Welch
Gary & Sharon Welch
Richard Fujimoto, Welch,
Larry Williams, Dave
Curtis, Steve Graham,
Fuji's kids
Dutch Guards
Gary Welch,
Randy Garvin,
Dan Schultz
Out front
Knowls, Starks
Bud Collier
Signal tower
DeGroot, Starks
Typical winter day
Starks, Skogen,
Wakefield, Garellick
Freeman, Johnson ?
CQ booth
"The Box"
Terry Stanley,
Freeman, Meier
What'd you signal
boys call this thing?
Looks like R2D2 to me!
Don Wilhoit
Ardean Skogen
John Cecka, Starks
Goetz, Luhm, Swanson
From the signal tower
Tank training area down
the road from the site
Luhm, Wilhoit, Goetz
DeGroot, Glaze,
Swanson, Hinton,
Goetz, Luhm
Herron, Wakefield,
Guillory & Jill
Swanson, Hinton,
DeGroot, Luhm,
Glaze, Goetz
Herron, DeGroot,
Around Zwolle
Lennie DeGroot
Swanson, DeGroot
in Rome
DeGroot, Herron,
Willie Kegler &
Emmanuel Guillory
Paul Jackson
Ross Johnson
Jake Blau
The bay at
inspection time
?, ?, Tom Day
Martini Tower
in Groningen
In and around Groningen
Swanson in Dutch
MP helment
Scot Roney
Skogen, Luhm
Sgt. Rufalo &
Scot Roney
?, Skogen, Freeman
Hinton, Stanley, Luhm
Bobby Hinton
DeGroot, Schultz, Swanson in Rome
Starks ETS
Christmas Eve, 1970
In the field with Honest John
In the field